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Dan Rochon

Phone 703-562-1788
Fax 703-562-1801
Website http://www.greetingsvirginia.com

Dan Rochon
Greetings Virginia - Keller Williams
​​6408 Grovedale DR, Suite 101
Alexandria, Virginia 22310

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Dan Rochon

Greetings Virginia - Keller Williams
Chapter: BNI Positive Power #N140

Real Estate, Residential Real Estate

My BusinessWhat you should know about Dan and Traci & Consultants is that, as Keller Williams Realtors, we believe wholeheartedly in the unique, personal nature of real estate. We use a team approach to serving your needs; we truly believe that together, our team can better serve you. We believe this because a collective pool of knowledge and experience is more valuable than any individual's. You will see that revealed in how we follow through on what we promise, as we carefully guide you through the many steps and decisions along the way.

We are fully committed to providing you with a noticeably higher level of service that will make your real estate experience as easy and as stress-free as possible.

You can expect from us:

We look at the big picture, not just doing a deal, but we build relationships that last.
We are residential real estate investors. We understand first hand the emotional process of buying and selling real estate.
We use a "team approach" so that you get the best of the best in guidance.
We have an extensive pool of resources to serve your needs. Whether it be contractors such as carpet installers or painters or real estate professionals such as attorneys or lenders; our team has been hand selected and we have used every professional for our personal deals that we recommend to you.
We care about you and will "own" your journey of buying or selling a home as if it were ours.

Location : Alexandria - Kingstowne, Va

Ideal Referral1) A person that is buying a home or selling a home. 2) Someone looking for an opportunity that is NOT a licensed real estate agent that has a record of success in sales, is relationship driven and proactive. 3) Someone that IS licensed in real estate sales that lives in Alexandria, Annandale, Springfield, Burke, or Woodbridge that is learning based and action focused and is not a Keller Williams Realty agent.

Top ProductWe provide world class service and solutions.

Top Problem Solved1) Agents usually do one of two things when a problem or even chaos appears; They either focus on the problem and the problem gets bigger or they focus on the solution and the problem goes away. Each day I am presented with challenges to solve. With my 100's and 100's of homes sold, I have learned how to be proactive to avoid problems and in the few times that we are unable to avoid the problem, we know the solution. 2) We have helped over 250 people avoid foreclosure by successfully completing a short sale.

My Favorite BNI StoryYears ago when I started my real estate sales business, I knew that I wanted to be a part of a BNI group. As a real estate agent, I also knew that I would have to start a new chapter, as other real estate agents with seats in a BNI either will it to their children or auction it to the highest bidder. When I say, "I" had to start a new chapter, I actually mean, "We", because it took so many awesome partners to build such a successful group. My definition of a successful business is one that can exist and thrive with or without the founder. I consider our chapter to be the first successful business that I have been a founder of. I am proud to say that if I left BNI Positive Power today, that I would expect to return in 15 or 20 years and that it would still be successful. That being said, don't count on me leaving any time soon!

My Ideal Referral PartnerInvestors, Financial Planners, Anyone that I can help in their business such as painters, plumbers, electricians, masons, handyman, etc