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Sharon Bliss

Phone 571-594-7708
Mobile Number 571-594-7708
Website http://www.bookblissonline.com

Alexandria, VA

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Sharon Bliss

Book Bliss Online

Director Consultant

My BusinessThrough Book Bliss Online, I buy and sell used books. Who do you know who is moving, downsizing, or simply clearing out the house? If they have books they want to get rid of, call me in and they may get some money for items they were planning to give away or throw out! I will pay them for any books that have a resale value, and all the rest I will haul away for free. I'll donate them, and the client will receive the donation receipt. It's a win-win proposition! Location : Based in Alexandria, but I work with people all over the metro area.

Ideal ReferralWell educated people who are moving or downsizing, and have a lot of serious non-fiction books

Top Problem SolvedA couple had been out of their house for a few years, and they were coming home so that he could be in home hospice care. They were hoarders, and had about 10000 books in the house. The entire house had to be renovated, recarpeted, painted and cleaned in about a week. I went in with a truck, hauled all the books away, paid them for the books, and left them the space they needed to renovate.

My Favorite BNI Storyi got a referral to an antique book dealer. i don't work with antique books, and she doesn't deal with modern books. I have gotten some of my best referrals from her.

My Ideal Referral PartnerProfessional organizers who work with people who are moving and downsizing